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Curaleaf Select Elite MA

Anonymous | September 28, 2020 | 0 1
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"This product is good if you are used to stuff that can kill you, but if you know good carts, it is pure trash."

Curaleaf has never had the best industry reputation, but they are also the largest MSO in the United States, so I wanted to see their MA adult-use operation firsthand. The select cart has been a huge talking point for Curaleaf management, so I wanted to see what they are selling. The company disclosed on the Q2 earnings call that the Provincetown store on Cape Cod was underperforming expectations. So I went to Provincetown while already on Cape Cod and I found the store and their product fell below my already low expectations. I did not even want to try the flower for fear that it would be a waste of funds.

Once I purchase the select elite brand product and get home, I open the packaging and find a clear plastic tube, it looks like a vile from The Wire. The cart looks fine; it has a big S in white with an underline and a circle around it. The mouth tip is clear, and it worked well with my Rythm battery. I have tried many many different legal and traditional brands from different states and different services. I can't say this is one of the worst I've seen because I remember traditional market carts from 2018-2019, but it tastes like a $25 cart from Colorado.

This product is good if you are used to stuff that can kill you, but if you know good carts, it is pure trash. For the high price of $55 plus 20% I walked out of Curaleaf with a $66 cart worth like $25 in a competitive market. These carts are nothing special; I got the same ones in Boulder last year 5 for 100. Overall the cart got the job done, but it was nothing compared to my brand of choice in MA. I can not say that Select is a good brand; I would not recommend it to anyone. For $55, there are much better options.

I want to know the quality of the other Curaleaf carts. If select Elite was supposed to be the top-shelf product Curaleaf needs to make some profound changes. The only reason I can give this product some slack on my harsh judgment is that Curaleaf now has select elite live, which is supposed to be some live resin product or maybe just BS branding. It is too soon to be certain on the east coast. One thing is certain I wish i went to the other store in Ptown and tried their products instead. Curiosity in cannabis can often mean subpar quality.

When it comes to the East Coast, I like Rythm Pens; I am gonna stick with Rythm Pen.


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    Sep 29, 2020, 12:28 PM  Reply

    lmao obvious Rythm shill post, nothing to see here terrible marketing, sure select's nothing special but to post this and specifically mention rhythm makes me not to buy rythm for being so cringe lmao

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    Oct 15, 2020, 07:34 PM  Reply

    Select cartridges have tanked in quality over the last two years. Used to claim to be cannabis-derived terpenes but the taste, effect, etc all seemed super off. Seems like they're just trying to to mass produce them in every single state they're in, I'm in AZ and they *used* to be some sought after carts, but now people just buy them because they do the 5 for $100 deal, or less. quantity over quality.

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