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Anonymous | September 28, 2020 | 0 0
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I have been going to many different seshes in LA over the last few years. On Sept. 26, 2020, I shopped with a company called DUDE MAN CO. They claimed to have very high quality flower and it looked and smelled great. Well after spending over $1,100 I got home and cracked the nugs open only to find that every single strain I bought from them is filled with seeds; Not just one or two seeds or only in one strain. Seeds were in all seven strains I bought and each nug is filled.

The strains I bought were Sundae Driver, Wedding Crasher, Wedding Cake, Gary Payton, MAC, Viper MAC, and Runtz.

I did not see the seeds because on the exterior they had pulled them all out. I put a picture of the nug before cracking it open too. They charged me more for the Gary Payton and said it was the best and the attached seed image is just from the Gary Payton half ounce.

I messaged them to tell them hoping that maybe they were unaware and that they might rectify the situation but instead they left me on read. Brands like this should not be welcome in the industry!


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