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Beware Buying Glass from Instagram

Anonymous | September 12, 2020 | 2 2
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I bought a Peter Muller sitting doll from Westley or "Wes Shatter" from his instagram @mysliceofheady (back-up page is @mysliceofheadygallery) for $3,500. When the piece arrived it was broken with the arm snapped off. Wes agreed to send me a new sitting doll and refund $150.

Not long after I sent the piece back, I saw the same doll up for sale again, but it was at $4,000 now instead of the discounted price it should have been for being repaired. When it sold, I contacted the new owner of the "repaired" piece, after @mysliceofheadygallery never disclosed that it was repaired and ended up charging him an extra $500 because it came with a dabber and carb cap now?

The new owner said he messaged Wes at his instagram for a full refund, resistantly Wes only gave back a few hundred. The new owner didn’t have the energy to fight @Mysliceofheady due to the new owner's mom being very ill in the hospital during all this. It was this guy's first ever heady glass and he totally got taken advantage of.


(first picture attached is just a sample and is not the original broken piece)


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