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Sherbinski Is Selling Moldy CBD Pre-Rolls

Anonymous | August 25, 2020 | 4 0
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I am a patient who recently traveled from Oregon to Washington for a funeral. While I was in Washington, I met with some friends, who have been trying to quit smoking cigarettes for the last three or four months, smoking the Sherbinski CBD hemp cig pre-rolls. When I asked about the pre-rolls, my friends were telling me how some did not smoke that well, but they had been smoking about ten pre-rolls a day. I was checking out the packaging, because that’s what I do for work, and was admiring their filters (which have shapes in the filter), when I looked into the filters of the pack and some where green and some where white. I tore off the filter of a white one and right underneath there was a cake of mold approx. 2-3mm in depth.

I continued this process with all of the hemp pre-rolls and found eight pre-rolls that had significant layers of mold. My friends then returned the pack and repeated the process on the new pack of 20; twelve more had mold in the new pack. Then, we went to a second store that had the same pre-rolls, and nine of those out of the twenty hemp pre-rolls were also packed with mold.

When I contacted Sherbinski directly they said that the retailer isn’t storing their product correctly; they didn’t inquire which store, batch, lot number, additional strains, or suggest a recall. Sherbinski basically said return the product and go somewhere else, which we had already done.

People use CBD for relief of a litany of symptoms and ailments, not to mention it being an easy alternative to cigarettes, and to have them be so complacent with knowing their product is moldy is abhorrent, and their product could hurt a lot of people.

Please look into what is in your pre-roll.


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    Oct 03, 2020, 09:09 PM  Reply

    I purchased a pack today and found that most of mine were moldy, as well. I smoked one and began feeling very sick afterwards. This is unacceptable.

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