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Ex-Sheriff Selling Mildewing Cannabis to Patients

Anonymous | August 18, 2020 | 0 0
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On August 11th, 2020, PurLife (@purlife_nm) posted a picture on their soical media of “Sensu OG,” with a caption reading “Looking super frosty." The posted picture had clear signs of powdery mildew on the flower. Numerous patients, along with myself, brought this fact to their attention, and they quickly removed the picture from their Instagram and Facebook, yet the product still remains on their shelves.

On Aug. 12th, patients then began asking PurLife about the mildew product and why it was still on the menu. Purlife began erasing comments and blocking patients in response. Patients then began to report this to the New Mexico Dept. of Health, who is suppose to oversee the cannabis program, only to get shut down and a dial toned in response as soon as “PurLife” was mentioned.

On Aug 13th, PurLife lawyers contacted a patient advocate and threatened to sue the Facebook Patients Group for posting their picture of the powdery mildew online for other patients to see. Further, an employee, who would like to remain anonymous, saw my post about the mildew, and pulled the batch in question at an Albuquerque PurLife location, found the contaminated medicine, and took a picture. The macro picture was then sent to the “higher-ups,” and the employees were instructed to pick out the visually contaminated medicine and sell the rest of the bin.

So now we have patients who have been sold poison for up to $13/g, the DOH, who will not listen to or make a statement to patients, and a crooked ex-sheriff, who owns PurLife, is selling patients poison.

The NMDOH is also currently investigating them for an employee spitting chewing tobacco in a patients medicine. This is a huge corrupt mess in New Mexico, and not just with this on producers. The program itself is the worst in the state with no proper testing for mold or for pesticides of heavy metals.

In 2015, the 19 licensed producers deemed the test weren’t needed and threatened to sue the DOH. Guess who got what they wanted? The licensed non profit producers. We need change in New Mexico immediately!!


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