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Christian Andrew Carter | July 28, 2020 | 1 0
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My name is Christian Andrew Carter; I am 28 years old, was raided and arrested on 4/3/2020, with my current offer being 9 years, and I’m trying to stand up and speak for the cannabis community as a whole. Speaking out after being arrested has inherent risks from both sides of the fence, but after watching for a month what was unfolding locally and around the world I committed myself to speaking for those who can’t, which I have a lot of support from the local cannabis community to do and have received love from strangers too. Last year in our county a deputy was tragically shot and killed when a tweaker that made a deal with the cartel got greedy and tried to use the cops to arrest his partners so he could keep it all to himself. This caused a lot of hate towards the local cannabis community, and my arrest was posted in the local newspaper, and on Instagram and Facebook.

The county took a lot of their emotions out on my arrest, and while there have been hundreds of gardens raided, chopped down without arrests and also many arrests of people with priors, all during a pandemic and economic crisis, there has only been one vague newspaper article about 136k plants being chopped and a reference to their complaint department. This is just one story out of thousands in California alone this year. I have avoided talking about my personal life and charges, even though things have been very difficult, I am not looking for sympathy. I hold being transparent in high regard and have no fear of being vetted. To be completely honest, the corona virus is the only reason I can feel the sunshine and haven’t lost everything, including my dogs who are my best friends. I also want to be respectful when addressing the murder of our deputy and contributing sensible solutions for the future, as the current permitting structure is flawed and that is being addressed in multiple arenas. My mother, father, and grandfather are all Marines that served in foreign deployments, I was raised to believe Death before Dishonor, and to not listen to that little bitch voice telling you to give up.

I believe Cannabis Prohibition is Tyranny, a Crime Against Humanity, and it is patriotic to peacefully educate, resist and overcome. I feel obligated to not only win hearts and minds locally, but to promote sensible policies nationwide. The cannabis movement has merit because of the profound benefits and 50,000+ uses it has, but legalization has been a Trojan Horse, and the destructive narrative of Reefer Madness is still ruining the lives of all classes, colors and creeds; detrimentally affecting society overall and withholding us from an American Industry which would promote both peace and prosperity. My end goal is to get a unified voice in this country to push to immediately end the Tyranny of Cannabis Prohibition once and for all, because relying on the bureaucratic process will only allow the continuation of suffering on both sides of the fence. I believe there should be more coverage showing what is really happening on the front lines.

Cannabis is mainstream in music and movies and I think people in positions of influence can give back to the cannabis community by contributing to this unified voice. Being arrested, silenced, discredited and not being able to speak because of legalities has contributed to insensible policies being made and the continued abuse of power. The cannabis community should be directly involved with policy making but we all have to stand together, and what we have now is not what many have risked and sacrificed their lives for. So I’m asking the community to support me in calling for the End of Cannabis Prohibition Worldwide in a credible and effective way. Harry Anslinger started Prohibition in America, so we should be the ones to end it. I do have a plan, and I’m open to suggestions. I have much more to contribute and address, but I’m asking for the community’s blessing and support. I have loved this plant with all my heart for 15 years and I hope to contribute to the community as a whole.


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