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Beaware of Hemplogic and Cory Sharp

Anonymous | May 24, 2018 | 0 0
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Cory Sharp, CEO of Hemplogic tried to physically assault me at NoCo hemp expo. He also received $10k from $120k stolen from me by Jordan Davis in Oregon. Cory is a crook and was one of main players along with Joy Beckerman who was responsible for shutting down WA hemp program recently. He was denied a DEA import license by WA recently as well.

He has no seeds, he has zero hemp growing experience, he a website that gets alot of hits and people he can hussle. Cory assisted jordan in illegally selling my contractually licensed seed which neither was permitted to do so. Jordan was even given cease and desist and still made a deal for over $300k in my seed jus to one individual. Jordan gave Cory $10,000 of my money cuz they were acting as partners and were trying to keep a big pay day hooked. He is an abusive alcoholic, liar and thief...


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