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Lab tests for 'DRIP LIVE RESIN' Concentrate BCL-200601-030

Tests ordered: Microbial Test, Mycotoxin Test, Pesticide Test, Cannabinoid Test, Heavy Metal Test, Foreign Material Test, Residual Solvent Test

12 grams sampled



Testing traditional market carts has always been our number one request. After vape gate and the scare with vitamin acetate, the demand become even higher. It’s not about endorsing traditional market brands, its about access to clean medicine and information.

The fact remains 17 states are still without any cannabis laws. 33 states are still trying to get their medical marijuana laws operational and 47 states lack cannabis testing.  It is the state and national laws failing the medical patient, not traditional market providers.

After the vape market took a deep decline in the 4th quarter of 2019, we are seeing traditional market operators step up their game, operating as legal companies do providing both anti counterfeit solutions and transparency in business practices as the country moves closer to national legalization. The fact will always remain; Consumers buy for two reasons: access and price.

In no way are we promoting or endorsing the use of black market products. People buy what they have access too whether it’s legal or not. At least they can feel somewhat safe in knowing they have access to information about what they are consuming.

These cartridges were obtained from an independent dealer. We conduct random selection cart testing based on the demand from our audience. All tests results are exclusive to the batch tested.



#helpcleanuptheindustry @theblacklistxyz 


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