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Predator in Our Industry

Anonymous | June 21, 2020 | 0 0

Jim Nelson has drugged and assaulted women in the cannabis space. Nelson has taken advantage of these women causing them to suffer mentally and emotionally long term. Nelson has even continued to harass and gaslight these women when they sought clarification to the events that took place.

Watch yourself ladies and please if anyone else has had any similar encounters with this person speak up.


  • Jun 23, 2020, 04:09 AM  Reply

    This is beyond disturbing, yet another sexual predator in our midst and using scare tactics to silence his victims. When will this stop?? When will things change?! He must be held accountable! Any idea what cannabis organizations he may be involved in?? What business does he run in the industry?! We need answers!

  • Jun 23, 2020, 06:33 PM  Reply

    It looks like he has an insurance company and works with CVCAN on their board!

  • Jun 30, 2020, 01:09 AM  Reply

    File police reports. press charges.

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