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Diamond Seed Company on Instagram is Fake

Anonymous | May 13, 2020 | 2 1
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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to relay some information on a scam. I've been had lost 42$ because of it, and another couple of my buddies have lost some cash too. One person sent him 300$ us. So my buddy called me last week said this guy https://www.diamondseedcompany.com or instagram https://www.pictame.com/user/diamondseedcompany/9681328859.

Anyway, my buddy has been following him on instagram for a while and he ran into some hard times and was selling seeds to get back on his feet. He had a go fund me page which has been taken down and replaced with a new site selling seeds. He was supposed to send seeds when you donate to the go fund me page. Please pass around these links, it's the first time I've been ripped off in a while and I would hate to see someone else fall into the same trap.

April 20th, 2019


A little update. So two of my other friends who ordered from this guy have received their seeds, he just sent them regular mail and no tracking number came. It took a couple of weeks for them to arrive. I am hoping my seeds come soon too. I live in a more rural area than they do so my mail always takes a little longer, cross my fingers. Either way this guy could have at least just told me it would take a few weeks with no tracking number. Instead he doesn't answer anyone. Unless these are the best cannabis I've ever smoked, there's a very slim chance I would recommend or order from him again. Very sad it had to go like this.

May 5th, 2019


I got their website suspended. Fk scammers

Jan. 28th, 2020



Stephen. "Diamond Seed Company Scam." Welcome To Chuckers Paradise. N.p., 2019. Web. 27 Apr. 2020.


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    May 16, 2020, 11:40 AM  Reply

    Scammed me out of two packs of seeds. Dude goes dark once payment is sent. Need these guys out of the industry

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