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Robert Scharringhausen

Anonymous | May 03, 2020 | 11 0

If you Google 'Robert Scharringhausen,' the owner of Amalgamated Growers, you find some very interesting articles. He was convicted of more than 500 thousand dollars of tax fraud, along with various other scams. Scharringhausen tried to file a lawsuit against the Trinity Sheriffs when they arrested him for attempted murder, mail-and-bank fraud, as well as a number of other serious felonies that they, unfortunately, could not convict him of.

He apparently thinks these are good things, and he continues to operate with one goal: Rip people off by selling them trim (he knows is contaminated), then blaming them for not following his 'terms' which he does not even have in a written contract. 

How he ever managed to get a license in the first place is beyond belief.  This is not some pot dealer who needs to be forgiven. He is a lifelong con man and fraudster giving a bad name to cannabis.  Please help us shut him down.

Here are some links to his crimes:








  • May 05, 2020, 02:34 AM  Reply

    He’s trying to sell his property and licenses for $4,000,000. The licenses have a “mitigated NEGATIVE DECLARATION” from the BCC so it’s all useless. Don’t let him slink away quietly.

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