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Focus V Review

Anonymous | April 29, 2020 | 2 0
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Focus V did a 50% off 4/20 sale on their website, at the end of my order I was told my one-day processing-and-tracking confirmation would be sent via email. I ordered a Carta device last Monday, April 20th, 2020, and still have not received any information on tracking or what’s even going on.

I know a few people who ordered 4-5 of them, and also have not heard back from the company. The messages we send on instagram are opened and ignored, and public comments — talking about how the company has not shipped any Cartas or sent any emails regarding the matter at all, are all deleted. The company said in a live stream on April 28th, 2020, that tracking emails and everything would be sent out later this week, I have yet to see any information at all, regarding a refund or confirmation.

Supposedly, a friend on the inside said that the company is about to close altogether —there has not been any new products posted on the website for weeks. I’ve talked with about 8-10 people who have had horrible past track records with getting replacement pieces for broken devices and other products.

I just want to spread the word to not do business with Focus V. I gave the company the benefit-of-the-doubt at first, but they have not even said anything about the shipping delays being due to COVID19 or the outbreak situation. It’s just shady as hell that they go as far to delete so many comments asking legit questions about where our products are, that costumers even had to pay $10+ in shipping costs, for.

I was so excited to receive my Carta; Now I’m literally disgusted with the whole situation.


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    Jul 08, 2020, 12:41 AM  Reply

    So far the Carta has been the best device on the market in our opinion. We never dealt with the the company direct, just their authorized distributors. They have been great and followed up really well. What internal problems they have I have no idea, but as long as The Focus V Carta is the great product that it is, we are super excited about it.

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