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Raw Garden Fake Lab Results

Anonymous | April 24, 2020 | 2 2

I am a medical user that purchased a gram of Raw Garden's “Pink Lemonade Refined Live Resin Diamonds” from Connected Bellflower, a licensed dispensary. On the packaging of the gram it stated that THCa percentage is 97.70% and total THC is 859.4 mg. The product looks, smells, and tastes very nice, however, the lab results on their website are different than the ones on the packaging, even though it stated the same ID batch number. I’m including pictures below so you can see what I am confused about. Either, I could be misunderstanding the results, or these lab results are fake.


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  • Apr 30, 2020, 03:28 PM  Reply

    In California, cannabis companies are allowed to label cannabinoid content within a 10% variance. For example if this product tested at 90% total THC the company is legally allowed to label anywhere from 81% to 99%. If you are still concerned I recommend reaching out to the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

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