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Curaleaf in Mount Dora

Anonymous | April 23, 2020 | 35 14

Curaleaf in Mount Dora, Florida, has to be the worse cannabis facilities I have ever worked in. The processes that they practice are disgusting. I had been working there for over a year, and the things I saw were outrageous -- from processing cannabis that is infested with bugs, to trying to wash off cannabis flowers that have tested too high in residual pesticides. The higher-ups in this company think they know everything, but really have little to no experience managing cannabis cultivation, and have no interest in being a part of the culture that has made this possible for greedy businessmen, like Curaleaf, to get into the marijuana industry.

Curaleaf had a problem with broad mites in a few places recently, and instead of cutting down and restarting, they used Abamectin on the plants. Abamectin is the active ingredient in Avid -- they opted not to use Avid because it is a product that is "not allowed," so they went around that regulation by just using the main ingredient. This chemical caused one of the employees to break out in hives and swell up. Her reaction to the chemical on the plant was very serious.

Also, I was blown away to learn that Curaleaf had planted auto flowers that were, unfortunately, put in conditions so humid and wet that the plants ended up producing a lot of mold. When asked about it, one of the higher-ups named Elvin was quoted, “I was told by a scientist that mold increases resin production.“ This is when I knew for certain that these people have no idea what they are doing. 

If you thought Curaleaf disposed of its dirty and compromised cannabis product, you would be wrong -- Curaleaf processes all moldy and high-pesticide products into oil, and has sold it branded as "Watermelon OG." Curaleaf is always talking about "the patients," but really only care about the money, and will do any thing to make their profit.

On another occassion, I have watched as employees are told to wash away flower that has bud rot -- they have a 'special' machine that they say "kills all mold spores in the flower, making it safe for processing." They should not be putting cannabis flower into a machine or be trying to wash away rot and other dangerous factors. Dirty product should only be disposed of. However, Curaleaf does not seem to understand that when a crop fails, you have to take the money loss and start again new. I have seen multiple head-growers come and go, the guy Curaleaf has now is named Joseph Levy, he comes from a Monsanto background, and he has been mostly in control of their process as of lately. Since Levy has taken over, Curaleaf has had multiple crops fail for too high of pesticides. Levy's solution to the high tests was to leave the plants under the sun, hoping it would "break down the residual pesticides making the flower safe to smoke." So for about 3-4 weeks that’s what he told his employees to do with the plants. Levy also tried to wash the flowers off in h202 "to wash away the residual pesticides." When someone spoke up and told Levy and owners of Curaleaf that this was wrong, he was fired for his opinion. It is a shame that a person who was just trying to do his job was let go for it. Curaleaf does not want to hear what anyone has to say if it’s not in-line with their own agenda -- Curaleaf only cares about making a profit and not loosing money.

Finally, Curaleaf consistantly misrepresents products and labeling. The 'live resin' cartridges Curaleaf sells are actually not flash-frozen plant material, in fact, Curaleaf cartridges are only distillate with terpenes reintroduced. Yes, they recover the terpenes, but in no way is that considered 'live resin.' I would never support this company or buy any of their products. Curalaef only cares about their profit. Employees are treated as if they are quick to replace, and whoever speaks up is quickly dismissed.

We even had a positive case of the Coronavirus here, and they still make everyone come to work. Curaleaf did not take the precausions to sanitize the facility like they should have, and since it has been nonstop work. I really hope this brings light to the shitty practices at Curaleaf and helps people make better choices and where to go. I have more info but this is what I chose to write about right now.


  • Apr 28, 2020, 10:40 AM  Reply

    This is true. Grower named rob got fired because he messed the weed up. Lmaoooo. Their tampa store assistant manager LC was fired for being the middleman in a mushroom deal. And then the whole store was let go . Ask any budtender or manager what their background is... bunch of idiots. Higher ups are all on coke. Bringing people in from HOME DEPOT to sell weed.

  • May 02, 2020, 10:31 PM  Reply

    Hello, thank you for this information. I have suspected that there was something not right with the producs at Curaleaf. I have actually noticed that the medical cannabis at Trulieve is not as it could be. The trichomes should be more milky, with more red hairs present and only a small percentage of amber. All good cannabis growers know that amber trichomes means degraded THC, and that is not beneficial in any way. The MVP of Cannabinoids is THC, and all others cannabinoids only work as a team with high THC and low CBD. If the trichomes are all Amber and the curing proses is not done reading right and only done by drying, then THC is degraded more and has no medical effects. Why is this allowed to us Florida medical patients, we spend a lot of money that we really don't have so we can get our medication and therapy? Can someone with authority over these growers stop them from fooling around with people's lives?

  • May 02, 2020, 10:45 PM  Reply

    *and if the curing process is not done right and only done by drying, then THC is degraded more and has no medical effects.*

  • May 03, 2020, 10:30 AM  Reply

    HahahCURAWAK Apr 28, 2020, 10:40 AM

    This is true. Grower named rob got fired because he messed the weed up. Lmaoooo. Their tampa store assistant manager LC was fired for being the middleman in a mushroom deal. And then the whole store was let go . Ask any budtender or manager what their background is... bunch of idiots. Higher ups are all on coke. Bringing people in from HOME DEPOT to sell weed.

    You mean Joseph got fired?I’m not sure about him, but it wasn’t Rob. I left Cura in 2019 to take an expanded role near family. Let’s get it right here...????

  • May 15, 2020, 06:39 PM  Reply

    Everything in the post is true, but what I will highlight is that most of these issues and shady practices came along when Elvin was hired. He is the heart of the problem in Mount Dora. Employee's have very little job security and are under constant pressure to meet unreasonable and downright unethical expectations. Hell, even the ones who do meet expectations are still thrown under the bus and used as a scapegoat for the giant mess going on in the facility. Do yourself a favor and avoid Curaleaf at all costs, whether you're an employee, or a patient.

  • May 20, 2020, 09:59 AM  Reply

    After this article was published, Curaleaf pulled Purple Sunset whole flower from their shelves and employees were told it was due to “mixed up batch numbers” ... this potentially mold infested bud was then returned to shelves a few weeks later in the form of a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of dark and dingy shatter. An entire refrigerator full. Highly suspect they turned it into concentrate so it wouldn’t be able to be tested as flower is. Also will mention their St Pete location went days without disinfectant while COVID became to erupt, their managers were mindful of this. Today they are making employees reuse masks for a minimum of two shifts, while gloves are kept locked up so that employees aren’t able to change them as frequently needed for proper sanitation. DO NOT support this disgrace of a dispensary.

  • May 29, 2020, 08:14 AM  Reply

    DO NOT SUPPORT THIS PLACE OF BUSINESS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! This location, or any of the others. All of the higher ups, friends of friends, come from a Best Buy Corporate background. After months of working with them, and years of working with the company, they came through and within 3 months, got rid of the entire staff. By the entire staff, I'm talking every single person that works there was fired on the same day, one by one, because our hourly pay (being determined two and a half years ago, when we opened the store) didn't meet their new business model I'm assuming. Covered it up with some bull**** lie, won't speak of it, won't provide proper documentation regarding the termination of 5 people on the same day. But after a month and a half of not buying their products as an employee, and bringing my money to any other dispensary that will provide good, honest products, I can honestly say this is not a healthy environment for anyone, including patients, to be in.

  • Jun 05, 2020, 09:08 AM  Reply

    The head of the packaging department Kevin routinely had us process cannabis that was moldy or had metal shards in it. When asking my manager why we were packaging bud with metal in it we were told “that’s a 2 million dollar harvest down the drain if we don’t send it out” these people care only about money and are not above sending cannabis with mold, pesticides, and metal shards to patients. This is the worst company I ever worked for.

  • Jun 05, 2020, 01:36 PM  Reply

    I recently quit a couple weeks ago after a fight with a higher up over safety and can confirm all of this. They do not cure any of their bud and do the most ridiculous things just to get "product" out the door. It's disgusting, they only care about quantity, never quay. I had such high hopes when I started over a year ago, I left so disappointed in everything. I had 4 different promotion positions and got a total of a 25c raise. Not one write up. Don't waste your time working here or buying from here.

  • Jul 01, 2020, 08:13 PM  Reply

    Curaleaf and Cura (select) are all a bunch of shady as MFers. ALL of them, from the top down. Russian oligarch owns most of the company, sexual predator (allegedly) is a major shareholder and they have been busted in almost every state they operate in for doing something super crappy. They got a massive fine in MAss, and a massive fine in OR. They are the worst of the industry and just trying to turn a quick buck under the disguise of medicine, and now with Select as a multi-ethnic lifestyle brand (bullsh!T) Sh!T weed, Sh!t vapes and sh!t people

  • Jul 24, 2020, 06:24 PM  Reply

    I feel so bad for the new hires. They get no schedule, no clock in information and no I information about who their actual boss is. They recieve no training or oversight in any department. Its always a surprise that 90% of the staff only speaks Spanish. The management has been there for a couple of months and you can definitely tell. I've been here a little under a year and its consistantly getting worse. Take all these reviews seriously because they really are.

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