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Big Chief Cartridges

Anonymous | April 11, 2020 | 0 0

My friends and I bought bad cartridges, but they were not Cali Plug, they were called "Big Chief."

This is not the first time I have bought a dirty product, and I’m tried of it.

Let the community expose these dirty products to get it off the streets before people get sick.


  • Apr 17, 2020, 04:23 PM  Reply

    You’re connect doesn’t get them from the right people. Real big chief cartridges come packaged in sealed plastic wrap, Have a scannable barcode on the back, and have a scratch code sticker on the inside, which you can enter on www.bigchiefextracts.com. #staybigchief. Big chiefs became a licensed retailer throughout the l.a county.

  • May 25, 2020, 11:35 PM  Reply

    Big chiefs are trash.. Cali plugs homie dru was pushing them heavy... and we all know everything they sell is boof so don’t be surprised..

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