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Vape Meds has Forged Cartridge Labels

Anonymous | April 12, 2020 | 0 1

This is a personal testimony from a perviously loyal Vape Meds consumer. Recently, the Vape Meds cartridges have been very dark in color and oddly thick in consistency, which is unusual for these cartridges. Every batch is supposed to be labeled with a product's specific percentages and information. However, I have noticed different cartridges I have bought come with the same THC percentages and information, only the dates are changed.

Vape Meds recently posted the test result of a cartridge, that was not what they gave their customers. The photo Vape Meds advertised of their cartridges is clearly a different product than what is sold and consumed. I am positive that their test results are fake. Even on the company's Instagram, you can find odd colored 'Vape Meds' cartridges, some that are even tinted red!

Be Aware of what you are consuming.


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