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Dispensary Claims to have Cure to Coronavirus

Anonymous | April 07, 2020 | 0 0

This story is on behalf of all budtenders from Organica/Original Cloud in Rowland Heights... Most of us have worked at the shop for a long time, some even for 3+ years, even through 2 raids. This shop paints the picture of being really reliable and loving to their employees, they wanted us all to feel like family. They also want us to feel like it’s a safe shop to work at since it looks legal and was promised to be licensed “soon”.

Currently, all staff is on strike because the company didn’t want to pay us the originally promised hazard pay, which was time and a half and shortened hours. As soon as it became April 1st, the company wanted to put “everything back to normal,” as if the corona virus was cured -- but “back to normal” really meant just back to regular hours and pay. The owners excuse was that “the investors don’t have enough money for hazard pay,” (which is bullshit).

At that point we all said it wasn’t worth it to risk our health any further because even while we still worked during hazardous conditions, the products the company provided to keep us “safe” were actually harmful!! They gave us gloves, some masks and some never-before-seen anti-bacterial spray from China that claims it “kills virus up to 3 months” ... it sounded far fetched but we just at least hoped it would kill germs in our shop. They told us to disinfect the store with the spray so we did, including our personal belongings and our employer told us it was safe to spray our FACE MASK with the product. For several days this product was used all over the store and each Budtender was givin a bottle of their own... and they even decided to sell it in the store FOR $25 A BOTTLE.

Couple of days later, all of us have had time to research this product and found that the nano-particle Titanium Dioxide in the product is known to be harmful and shouldn’t be sprayed in a closed area (which our shop is a small closed area) and because it is NANO-particle it can still travel through a face mask and into lungs... the long-term effects of exposure to products containing titanium dioxide could be cancerous as the CDC reported that it caused lung tumors in lab rats. Our employer ensured it was a safe product because his “friend works with the government and donates money to universities”. Once this info was gathered, we came to our employer asking more questions about this product and if they could answer some questions that we had and we didn’t get response for a long time, then finally we were flooded with several un-credible sources. One was an ad completely in Chinese that none of us could understand.

When we google the product we find no information even tho our employer said it was approved by LA County. (I can attach photos of their “evidence”). Once we pressed them more with facts and asked for more evidence from our employer he started getting frustrated, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. All he sent was sketchy screen shots from his friend basically saying, “Yeah it’s safe,” and we’re supposed to believe it.... Our company wanted to short us on hazard pay IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC and gave us sketchy anti-bacteria spray from China.

Our boss and her boyfriend have now been silent to anything we say to them... They hired 1 new guy with no experience to replace the 6 girls. This 1 man is only being paid $12/hr which is training pay, but he isn’t receiving any type of hazard pay... Also they are now selling masks for $50 a pack which is just another opportunistic greedy act of bad business. If they really cared about their patients they would just give out the surgical masks to their loyal patients, for free. another story of budtenders being abused by their employers but considering the way this company treated us so highly, this was a very unexpected outcome. To the budtenders we know that the shop makes more than enough, even during pandemic we had peaking numbers even tho patient count is low they were spending $$$.

One of main investors just launched his own Cart/battery called Make U Fly (MUF) in the beginning of March and we were told recommend that to EVERYONE who comes in... we sold thousands in that product for them on the daily...They fill the carts and package them upstairs from our shop. Not sure how sanitary that is but I’m more than positive none of this oil has actually gone thru any THC testing like the label claims that it has. We were supposed to sell it as “comparable to plug&play and better than stiiizy,” for all we really know this could be the next Dank Vape or Exotic Cart... I want this company to be exposed for:

1. Not increasing wages of employees during a pandemic

2. Not providing proper sanitary equipment to employees

3. Leaving us Budtenders severely underpaid for a looooong time.

We hope that patients loyal to us will stop supporting this company that even promotes false-promises to patients of a “members-only lounge” that they swore was going to happen and never did. We hope They take their hard earned money to a dispensary that provides top quality product AND fair treatment/pay to their employees


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