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MedMen Putting Employees At Risk

Anonymous | March 23, 2020 | 2 0

If you are currently in-between jobs, like I am right now, you are being faced with the challenges of job interviewing even with the restrictions of quarantine, by talking to employers via FaceTime or Zoom. For the time being, I am lucky to still have a job at MedMen in Beverly Hills. However, the corporate company has made minimal effort to support its staff or give legal instruction.

The staff has been left to come up with everything themselves, even as things progress with the quarantine. The majority of the workers did not even have access to gloves for a while. No masks were offered, which is understandable because hospitals are already low on that, but all MedMen perpared their staff with was a small emailed paper with some instructions about regular cleaning and sanitizing the rooms every 30 minutes. No one came in to explain or oversee new procedures, not from corporate, not from managment -- no workers are sanitizing "every 30 minutes."

My biggest qualm is that there are still a lot of people that are working in one space, and we are not getting paid hazard pay during this time of a pandemic outbreak. MedMen's staff are working in currently unsafe conditions for a minimum wage paycheck from a company that is being as cheap as possible.

I have spoken to the union, and their reasoning was that, "there is nothing in the contracts regarding hazard pay." I know for sure that wasn't "regarded" in any contracts previously because no one saw this coming. MedMen in Beverly Hills is located next to a hospital, where there have been positive cases of CoronaVirus and we see plenty of patients and nurses from there.

This is just unacceptable. MedMen and other dispensaries at the end are only happy they are deemed "essential businesses" because the industry as a whole wasn't doing well anyway. This is probably the best thing that could happen to their businesses and MedMen is treating their employees in the worst way.


  • Mar 30, 2020, 09:42 PM  Reply

    There are a few truths about majority of MedMen personnel that you just have to accept. Keep in mind that when I state 'Retail' I am referring to store locations and NOT Corporate Retail. They can only care about you (retail) when they have the bandwidth to. Meaning, if they are in a state of being happy, that most likely means that they are not having to fight to keep their job. And this occurs because culture in corporate is just as bad, if not worse than in stores. Retail doesn't just get forgotten about from time to time, but because this is a business, MedMen will do nothing for their retail team because they are under the impression that they have the right people in place for that. And typically, the people from corporate that do care are not the ones in position to make things happen for you. If you are great at your retail Job, the best course of action for your career is to leave MedMen on a good note and one day return (if MedMen is still around) with a more impact-full role. If you decide to remain in MedMen, there are three ways for you to make your way to corporate right now: (1) You peak somebody's interest because you are good looking (not a joke): (2) You are so good at doing something that somebody from Corporate does not want to deal. They will check their department's budget to bring you along expecting you to accomplish the deed along with workload of others that weren't capable of executing in the first place. You'll be a hero! Until you burn out and either don't finish one of your tasks or you don't complete somebody else's that has been entrusted to you. Then reality sets in, you were never the chosen one; the lazy shrewd of an 'apprentice' is, and you just bought them some more time. (3) Lastly, and perhaps the most difficult because it requires a balance of making your leaders look bad but at the same time not threatening their position. Yes, you've guessed it, you have to play the GAME. Because it is a game. So you keep a smile on, out-perform those around you and outside your store, and you continue to freely give-away ideas that will have a dramatic impact on the entire company. If you are thinking that this is too obvious, it is not--it's more technical than you think. Timing is everything, meaning that you have to consider when to share and what audience to share to. BIGGEST piece here is that you do not want to share with most the people working closely with you, get an audience from corporate to come to your store because the less they know you the better. Expect nothing in return the first 2-3 attempts of applicable ideas, but because you've ensured that nobody will be claiming your ideas as their own, your name is being tossed around multiple times in corporate until it reaches somebody that seeks your spirit. Retail will always know more about

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