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Dirty Cops Ransack Dispensary during COVID-19 Outbreak

Anonymous | March 25, 2020 | 0 3

Law enforcement raided and ransacked the essential business making it impossible for the local community to pick up their medicine in this time of crisis. Guns drawn, officers got uncomfortably close to the volunteers' faces,  invading their personal spaces, not at all concerned with exposing them to the recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19.

The officers rounded up the patients and volunteers like a herd during this time of social distancing, violated their rights and wrecklessly placed all of their lives in danger -- Which draws up another questions: Are handcuffs being properly sanitized? Why are cops still raiding pot shops when weed is legal? Shouldn't our heroes be out saving people and making a real difference.

Patients will only have to travel further as they will still be in search of their needed meds. Seized meds and cash were not properly documented. Meds and cash did not just disappear into thin air, or did it?

This isn't the first time this has happened. Earlier this year in January in the case of Mota vs. the State of California, an on duty police officer during an offical police raid was caught red handed on surveillance pocketing cash and other personal property. This couldn't be made up either. Yes, Mota, was stripped of his badge, but only faced misdemeanor charges.


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