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Hemp Flower Oregon Farm Sets a High Standard

Anonymous | March 21, 2020 | 0 0

As a long time advocate and user of cbd hemp flower, I have, like so many Americans, rejoiced at the legalization of interstate hemp transactions. If only marijuana flower could enjoy such a fair playing field. The state of hemp is what I hoped california cannabis would be by now, but I continually wonder, "how are people affording the legal market?"

"Safe access" means for all, not just the elite, who do not think about dropping $50 for an 1/8 or $75 or $85, before tax. Shame on those well known brands who know better, who are here today because of medical need. I still have growers from 215 days that are still black market, considered criminals, who know what medical needs are about and that 215 wasn't just a scam but it meant survival.

Respect to the outlaws who buck the metric and give flower to people so they can live without doctors. But I digress, cbd hemp and cbd cannabis that is 1:10 or 1:20 look a lot like sisters in the lab reports. The main difference is in price. The hemp flower I buy from oregon is minimally taxed and really priced to burn.

The farm that I buy from and have a crush on is fern valley farms. I am at the point of buying ozs and qps from them but can recommend the sample packs 4 grams for $15-$20. Get a taste of the cherry wine, t1, bubba kush, cbg strain, and personal fav CHARDONNAY.

Their deals on small buds are the best I have come across. They provide lab reports and personal notes from staff. And what cannot be said loudly enough, they bring the terps only fresh well cured flowers can carry. If you are a baker or engage in subversive acts of kindness like giving medicine away you cannot beat a qp of strain specific sugar trim for 50 dollars. I dont know these people or work for them but they have helped restore the dream of compassionate care that my friends, like Dennis Peron, had in mind when we took on the state to demand cannabis for sick people.

Dennis never begrudged making some money but he always had $5 dollar 1/8s and lots of sharing, nothing like blazing with dying people to teach a lesson about life. As curent events remind us, death happens in the blink of an eye, and how we lived, what we celebrated, that is what defines our lives not the petty money grubbing of state governments. Or the arbitrary nature of a legal market vs. a black market to me none of that matters, and using the state and police against growers effectively creating tyranny for taxation, should give every “legal” farmer and profiteer a ironic cancer pain every so often.

Chief Seattle called the western mind out for turning nature and life into a marketplace, wondering when white people will realize you cannot eat money. Our time here is so short, most of our lives matter (not sure about the elite and a % of blue lives), but what we do with our time is important, how we use the fruit of this gift to change the nature of human suffering and our connection to the earth, that is still worth fighting for.


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