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The Growth Network Holdings

Anonymous | March 21, 2020 | 0 2

I have held off from sending in this story because I knew so much about how Growth Network Holding functions, and I was afraid they would figure it out, plus they still owe me money.

Long story short, there were tons of vendors that they owed and even some in the 6 figure range with 60+ days past due. Owing vendors everything -- ranging from packaging components for their brands, brand ambassadors, advertising, to the store products that they sold in the high note and beyond. There were some very questionable practices that they enacted on their employees. For example, they changed their insurance policy with less than 24 hour notice for workers to go from no cost to paying 50% of the cost. Additionally, they had a layoff and none of the employees were let go with severance, yet they had money to acquire a manufacturing facility during the same period. As you can imagine, this put tremendous amounts of stress on their employees and although it may be technically legal (I'm not sure since I'm not a lawyer), it was all very questionable practice and didn't have great optics with the team. Their cash flow and internal controls were a definite nightmare and they were constantly telling lies about it to their own team. It's truly a story of poor vision and even poorer management (big Chad energy).

I won't name call people out by name, but if you dig you'll find them standing out in the open fairly obvious. I hope anyone that reads this is cautious about doing business with or working or Growth Network Holdings. Anyways, keep this up because this was desperately needed in the industry!


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