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NFL Stops Player Suspensions for Positive Marijuana Tests

Felson Sajonas | March 15, 2020 | 0 0

The National Football League will put a stop to suspending players for testing positive on marijuana tests as one of the major points on the league’s recent Collective Bargaining Agreement. For one, there will be more relaxed rules on drug testing as the window for such tests will be narrowed from four months to two weeks at the beginning of training camp. This should put a decrease in the number of players subject to testing.

Other major points include the level of THC being increased in terms of what qualifies as a positive result. This is from 35 nanograms of carboxy THC per milliliter of urine to 150. Essentially, this decreases penalties and does away with suspensions for anyone who tests positive. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement also states that “a neutral decision-maker” will be the one to officially make the disciplinary decisions which decreases commissioner Roger Goodell’s disciplinary power.

Other important points in the CBA that will take effect include a 17-game regular season, shortened preseason, a new revenue share, increased roster size and new playoff format. The new playoffs will move up from six teams per conference to seven, only top seeds in each conference gets a bye week.


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