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Michigan temporarily allowing curbside marijuana pickup amid coronavirus concerns

Gus Burns | March 16, 2020 | 0 0

LANSING, MI -- In order to limit exposure to the coronavirus, Michigan is temporarily allowing curbside pickup at marijuana stores across the state.

Additionally, the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency in a statement issued Monday, March 16, encouraged medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana customers to place delivery orders when possible. There are about 15 recreational marijuana retailers and 66 medical marijuana dispensaries approved for home delivery, according to the state licensing website.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency is temporarily lifting a requirement that anyone placing a marijuana order have an ID with the same address as the delivery location and is committing to processing delivery service license requests for already licensed businesses within 48 hours.

“During a crisis like this, you really get to see if state government is prepared or not,” said Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Director Robin Schneider, who heads a marijuana trade organization with 200 licensed business members. "And in this case, our department is absolutely shining ... "

Schneider said her members have asked for the ability to make curbside sales outside their businesses in order to limit personal contact in stores. Customers may place orders online, by phone or in person, depending on the the location, Schneider said.

“The curbside pickup is going to make a world of difference in order to to protect the workers in this process,” she said.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency said customers may “remain in their parked vehicle in the parking lot of a licensed provisioning center or adult-use retailer.”


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