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Anonymous | January 15, 2020 | 9 8
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Dear Blacklist, I am so happy to see someone is finally starting to expose the fraudsters behind and within Cannasafe. I was surprised to see the immediate response from Cannasafe requesting for the website to take down a story down that’s totally true. Aaron and his partners should address their fraud instead of claiming it’s not true. We have also been doing our own digging on Aaron since he threatened to sue us, so I thought we could help expose the owners of Cannasafe lies once and for all. We are a large brand in California that has been threatened by Aaron and Bill when we confronted them. I have also met Scroggins and can confidently tell you that he and Aaron Riley are best friends, and do a lot of business together, and it is without-a-doubt true that Aaron has been funding Scroggins and vice versa. You can read about it on here: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/5-things-i-wish-someone-told-me-before-i-started-leading-a-cannabis-business-with-aaron-riley-and-3acad061460c

There have been several labs in California that sent me data proving that CannaSafe had passed my products that had been contaminated with over the legal limit of safe pesticides -- I can share this with confidence as my facility has vastly improved since working with Cannasafe. I now work with Bel Costa Labs who has helped us by showing exactly how our product became contaminated. We as marijuana brands have no intention of making anyone sick, but we rely on these labs without doing our homework on them.

When working with Aaron it was a quick phone call of “Don’t worry it will pass.”

When working with Myron’s team at Bel Costa Labs, Myron and his team take the time to help us understand how to keep our product safe and make it consistent. 

Scroggins and Balostin are well known coke heads in Santa Monica when they aren’t being indicted in Florida. We will be sharing a lot more information on this topic over the coming weeks. 

Check out this link: 


Greg Balostin and Bill Scroggins are Aaron’s mentors and were the capital behind Cannasafe; they in turn used the profits to help their fraud business in Florida. Cannasafe used to be considered reliable, because they would turn your product around and have it tested within 24 hours, without ever a fail. I have since learned that it is actually impossible to test within 24 hours, so they have been lying about test scores. 

The poor Cannasafe employees will get hurt by this as well because whenever a company funds capital and profits to a fraudulent business that is related (i.e. has the same owners), the Federal Government will get involved, and this will all turn very ugly for Aaron and the poor employees. The story has been flagged by the relevant authorities here, so thank you Blacklist. 

Link to United States Files False Claims Act Complaint Against Two Compounding Pharmacies and Their Owner For Submitting Inflated Claims and Improperly Waiving Patient Copayments :


I really hope we don’t have another public legal embarrassment in the industry, which means we as a community need to start self-governing more. We are so grateful for community platforms like TheBlacklistXYZ, because it puts scammers on notice that they are being watched and need to act right. We as a community need to prevent fraudsters from being able to even survive in this industry. Cannasafe is going to cause so many product recalls, that will spiral out of control when the public consumers think the legal market is unsafe; because of fraudsters like Cannasafe, we as a community risk the public losing trust in our emerging legal market that we fought so hard to create.


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    Mar 03, 2020, 12:29 PM  Reply

    Aaron is paying us back over the next 15 years. With a debt facility. We will see him in prison.

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    Aug 06, 2020, 11:53 PM  Reply

    I've been working in the upper circle for awhile now and I can definitely say that CannaSafe is involved in fraudulent activities. CannaSafe is currently in the process of "killing all witnesses" and is purging every person in a managerial position who has witnessed the fraudulent transgressions committed by Aaron Riley through CannaSafe. The Chief Scientific Officer, Scientific & Technical Lab Director, L.A. Lab Director, Lab Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Potency Lead, Intake Leads, and more have all been purged. They think that by removing all the people who were privy to the fraudulent inner workings of Aaron Riley they can pretend nothing is happening again. Spread the news. I'm working on my escape now to start working at a lab that is known for its moral and scientific integrity.

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    Jan 23, 2021, 04:57 AM  Reply

    Is the human hitler

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