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The Chads Chad

Anonymous | February 11, 2020 | 5 2

Chad Boylen, the nephew to Jim Boylen (the head coach of the Chicago Bulls, came to Covelo, CA, and cheated two good families out of deals. Boylen came out and made 8.5L of distillate, then beat up my buddies on price per pound - telling them he would use the profit to purchase their packaging for cartridges. Boylen had also conned 20K from my same friends a few months before, after convincing them that the money was going to be used to pay for the Distillate setup.

Boylen left Covelo with 40lbs and 8.5L of distillate, and the promise of a big return. During his visit, my boy left his key in Boleyn's car. That key unlocked a gate to Chicken Ridge; Chicken Ridge makes Murder Mountain, looks like Disneyland. This Chad had the audacity to go to our friend he was just introduced to, and start making deals behind their backs. Meanwhile betraying, sleeping, and breaking bread at the house of the families he robbed.

A few weeks later he was supposed to return with payment. Instead, he went ghost on everyone, even the distillate technician. When you get robbed, the first thing you do is look up all connections, social media, text and call. My boy told the lab technician that he had located all of Chad's information online. The technician forwarded the information to Chad Boylen to put him on notice. And what do you know? All of the sudden the ghost reappears via text message letting us know that he is keeping the families invested 20K and the liters of distillate, after 10 days of Chad being absent.

He is a real Chads Chad. He took food out of two respectable and honest families homes. They do not deserve this.

Please expose CHAD BOYLEN so others don't get conned either.

If he pays up.... It will be noted. But not until then: Peace, and Keep Up the Good Fight BlacklistXYZ!


  • Feb 14, 2020, 06:13 PM  Reply

    I delt with this guy in Oregon. Big talker. Took product, and we waited for payment. He made excuses for a week past the pay date. Then my buddy calls me saying he's trying to get more packs to try and pay they other hand. Called him out about it. He turned in to a texting Nazi. Telling us we are lucky to be paid. Dude needs a real ass woopin.

  • Feb 17, 2020, 12:35 PM  Reply

    Please put this POS on Instagram I'm the guy he robbed. He is taking food out of my family's mouth and my neighbor's mouth we both have kids. The dude's a total spoiled bipolar psycho. Please please please blacklist put this fool on Instagram he breathes Instagram and that's how he does all his deals is through Instagram... Thanks blacklist for helping keep the industry a little bit more honest...

  • Feb 27, 2020, 04:40 PM  Reply

    You look like a fat Max Keeble who probably rapes animals. Keep on keepin on

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