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Corruption and Deception in Maryland Cannabis

Maryland Cannabis | February 10, 2020 | 0 0
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I am writing to inform readers of some corrupt and deceptive practices currently being employed by Maryland's licensed cannabis companies.

Some of these corrupt practices include:

Selective Sampling -- Steep Hill Laboratory selects the "best bud" to test for potency. Steep Hill does not take representative samples from batches of cannabis products as required by COMAR. Companies like Curio Wellness actually have written in their testing SOP's: "Give laboratory representative the best bud from the batch."

Reviewing of security footage at Curio Wellness, Culta, and FGM Processing will reveal that Steep Hill is not employing appropriate random sampling techniques.

Altering Cannabis Products After Testing -- A number of companies, including Holistic Industries and Sunmed Growers, test their cannabis flower before it's been trimmed. After having it tested and each 10 pound batch receives a Certificate of Analysis, these companies proceed to trim the flower and sell the trim and shake with the same advertised potency as the premium flower. This practice is deceptive and dangerous. Potency should be analyzed and representative of the product as it is being sold.

Additionally, the trimming process is often where heavy metals find their way into a batch of flower. Trimming after testing leaves consumers vulnerable to heavy metal exposure in cannabis flower. A cannabis grower or dispensary should not be allowed to trim flower after it has been tested by a lab without testing again and obtaining a new Certificate of Analysis that is actually representative of the new batches. This is why we see companies selling "shake/ trim" and pre-rolls advertising 30%+ THC. That kind of potency in trim material is not possible without gaming the system. Consumers are at risk for harm and are being ripped off of by these corrupt and deceptive practices.

Thank you, Concerned Citizen


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