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Marijuana Corruption

Aaron Birdseye | February 10, 2020 | 11 2

Walled Lake Fax is operated by Aaron Birdseye.

The focus of Fax is exposing the corruption of city government, city employees, business owners and their influence on the marijuana industry, in Walled Lake. The packet paints a clearer picture and timeline of the alleged corruption, along with Walled Lake Fax’s involvement. Additional information includes but is not limited to: screenshots, text messages, open criminal investigations, security camera video with audio, photos, complete court documents, witness statements, pending PPOs. There is a shadow of corruption and backroom deals regarding Walled Lake City Council and employees of City Hall. Walled Fax has chosen to focus on the corruption regarding the elected officials and government employees, and its correlation to the city’s marijuana industry.

The governing body of Walled Lake includes elected officials Mayor Linda Ackley and Mayor Pro Tem Casey Ambrose and five other councilpersons. The City of Walled Lake is currently involved with several active lawsuits regarding the marijuana ordinances, within the city limits. In May of 2018, an amendment to the local marijuana ordinance was made to allow the city council to act as the Zoning Board of Appeals, for cases involving marijuana facilities. One of the lawsuits pertains to BDS Medical Growers DBA The Sky’s the Limit Provisioning Center. BDS is owned by Steven Atwell, Deborah Atwell, and Robert Manna. The Atwells and Robert Manna are longtime business owners in Walled Lake, and applied for three marijuana operating licences, in early 2018. After receiving an Attestation I from the city, essentially guaranteeing them the license after the completion of necessary steps in the process, Mr. Atwell was approached by [then] councilman Casey Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose solicited bribes from Mr. Atwell in exchange for insuring the approval of a city operating licence for marijuana. However, Mr. Atwell denied Mr. Ambrose’s request.

Soon after receiving their state marijuana license, BDS received a denial from the city of Walled Lake. BDS appealed the denial, and to this date, no decision has been made. Meanwhile, other marijuana dispensaries have been planning on moving into the city, accompanying the previously established Greenhouse. Bazonzoes and Lume Canna plan on opening this year, with the latter in March of 2020. Lume Canna stores are operated under ‘Attitude Wellness,’ which is owned by the Barnes family (Belle Tire). Since the November 2019 election, the city of Walled Lake may only house three dispensaries. Both Bazonzoes and Lume Canna have been granted conditional approval to open from the city of Walled Lake, although Lume Canna has yet to receive their state license.

Local business owner James Maher, of Maher Restoration Inc, is the landlord for ‘Attitude Wellness,’ whose building is located less than 500ft away from BDS, causing further conflict with the current local marijuana ordinance. Since the inception of Walled Lake Fax, many posts concerning the Greenhouse were made online. The majority owning partner of the Greenhouse is Gerald (Jerry) Millen. Mr. Millen and his associates have stalked and harassed the author of Walled Lake Fax, Aaron Birdseye, since December 2019. Further legal action has since followed against all parties, including a defamation lawsuit filed against Birdseye, along with the owners of BDS because of assumed affiliation.

In addition to the corruption associated with the city’s marijuana industry, there are also concerns surrounding a current councilperson and a conspiracy to remove him. Councillor Gabriel (Gabe) Costanzo often opposes the majority vote of the [corrupt] quorum. He has been very outspoken against the alleged wrongdoings of other acting city council members and Walled Lake City Manager, Dennis Whitt, at council meetings and on his social media campaign page. Members of the city council and the city manager have openly opposed Mr. Costanzo’s online decorum, stating that he is misrepresenting the elected office. Mr. Atwell, along with two separate Walled Lake business owners in the Downtown Development Authority were asked to write letters by Manager Whitt, to lead to an investigation into Mr. Costanzo’s decorum, in early 2019. Mr. Atwell’s letter was later altered and embellished, then read to the public during the May city council meeting, in 2019. Previously, a councilperson was removed from office in early 2019 for allegations she denied. However, many believe she was ultimately removed because of her opposition to the majority. Because of this history of removal and Mr. Costanzo’s opposition to the majority, it can be concluded that the current goal of remaining city council members and the city manager is to remove him, as well. Because of Mr. Atwell’s public admittance, Mr. Costanzo is now calling for the resignation of anyone who’s been involved with the current coup of corruption.


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