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DripTHC is The New Boof Cartridge Brand

Anonymous | January 31, 2020 | 2 3

It only takes one quick Google search to find a multitude of pages willing to ship you these “Drip THC Cartridges” for $15 a gram. Avoid these carts as they are just as fake as the brands that came before them.

Always do a quick Google search before you buy a cartridge to see if they are real.

"Drips" are the lowest quality, and the fact that they are shipping online for $15 a cart just shows how cheap they are.

I would not buy this cartridge at all, as they do not provide any public information about the product. There is a large amount of webpages offering the "Drip Cartridges" for nationwide shipping and as low as $12 a cartridge in bulk. They also list a THC percentage of 93%.

If something sounds too good to be true it usually is!! If this brand was real they wouldn't have sketchy middlemen trying to sell the product online. All the owners of the brand care about is making a profit. They do not give a shit about the customer or quality of a product. This company is a piggy bank to them, and that’s it.

Make sure your oil is coming from a company that cares about their patients and recreational consumers. I have even seen reviews saying that people think other substances are added into the "DripTHC" cartridges, such as nicotine additives, that are addictive and add to the high.

These carts are very dangerous to public health, and should be blacklisted with alongside the Mario and Exotic Cartridges.


  • Feb 08, 2020, 09:41 AM  Reply

    This is BS ! drip is the best cartridge out! This is obviously a hater ! If you ever tried a drip you know wassup ! We take pride in the oil and cartridge! They been around since the beginning of the vaping epidemic and till this day are still heavy in the streets ! Not like every other BOOF carts that had fell Off !

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