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Failure to pay

Anonymous | January 11, 2020 | 0 0

The green solution Colorado has failed to pay all employees today, this has happened in the past also. Im putting it here because I'm sick of this companies lack of compassion for employees. They fuck up constantly, they have no remorse for over working employees and under paying them. The only reason people get a raise is because the state increased minimum wage standards. Im sick of working day in and day out for what should be a great company but just another piece of garbage in this industry. They own a 60k foot grow, 25 acres of land a few smaller grows and can't even manage to grow weed and still buy more than 70% wholesale because they can't grow worth a shit orkeep employees hired. Oh and they burned the whole sale market BY NOT PAYING anyone, so they think there new sunlit brand filled with seeds that they grew shitty outdoors is gonna save them. I just wish to warn people this is a toxic, toxic work place that has not better in my tenure.


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