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Hemp Fraud

Anonymous | January 08, 2020 | 1 0

Where to begin.. I am a Hemp licensed grower and processor in the state of Oklahoma. I am a disabled veteran. I have been very passionate about creating a legal career in the Cannabis business and dove straight in almost 3 years ago. I have invested everything into this and truly believe in Cannabis as a crop and resource. I could go on and on but lets get down to it -- I started getting involved in brokering deals, such as biomass and processed CBD products like isolate and distillate in 2019.

It was January of last year when I got thrown down my first rabbit hole trying to move thousands of kilos of isolate into Canada. That is another story but that was my first real experience of major brokering and also my introduction into the hell I went through starting July of 2019. So two stories in one here, first I want to talk about a Canadian company called Vital Hempathy and second will be AIGOO or Associated Investment Group of Oregon.

Lets start with Vital -- July 2019 I was introduced to Ian Kerwin, the COO of Vital Hempathy and Co owner. His linkedin showed him as a 9 year employee at Johnson Controls and a very well connected individual. He represented himself as very important and that Vital had over 500 million in liquid cash for purchasing power of hemp biomass. He came to me originally with an order for 9.1mm pounds and said that they also had orders for up to 20 million pounds a month of Hemp biomass for the next 12 months. They expressed themselves as the buyer and even provided bank statements showing 730 million plus in TD CANADA bank accounts. They provided a penalty clause of 100k dollars if we could not provide what we said we would within 48 hours of them proofing up their funds. After executing on this contract that I could supply the 9.1million pound order for hemp biomass Vital went dark for over 12 days. After 12 days they came back and made changes to the contract I signed, they signed it and then pasted my signature page on new contract. Since there were multiple days delaying the proof up we lost the supply of biomass to another purchaser and therefore could not fulfill the order. This is where Vital told me if I didn't pay the 100k penalty fee I would be cut from the deal completely costing millions in commission. The thing was they were never the real buyer, they were representing another buyer who they had a collaboration contract with, "AIGOO".

So AIGOO gets introduced to me by the CEO of Vital Hempathy Dustin Tremblay. The director for this other companies name is Shahriar Shahid who represented Martin Hudler the CEO and President of AIGOO. I paid the 100k so that I could source more biomass and make money with this group. Also, Vital provided me with an executed contract for crude and more biomass purchaser contracts dropping huge names in the business like Tilray. I thought I was going to make a fortune. All in all these two companies waisted 6 months of my time like 15-18 hour days. And conned me for 175k between the both companies. That money was so important to me and it was all I had left. They stole all my contacts and ruined relationships I had built with some of the most successful Hemp companies in the US. They provided all forged contracts and fake proof of funds, and falsely misrepresenting themselves on every level. Martin Hudler went as far to represent himself as a former Master Chief Navy Seal. I was a former Navy guy so he had me hook line and sinker. He knew all the lingo and named dropped real seals.

After gathering all evidence I needed against both companies I held them accountable. That is when Dustin Tremblay threated to kill me and when Shahriar Shahid tried to have me put on a no flight list along with wishing physical harm to me. I have proof of everything I have said here. Now this could prolly be better written but lets just hit the pointers -- these men have stolen 175k, have runied my business relationships, have waisted 6 months of my time (6 days a week if not 7, 15 hours if not more a day), have threatened my life, have forged real bank accounts (offered to part of illegal transactions), have forged contracts, have blackmailed and manipulated a Disabled Navy Veteran, and have lied about being a decorated Navy Seal Master Chief himself.

I sure could use your help or people's help in bringing these people to justice. I have called Canadian Police and Better Business Bureau but that doesn't seem to be getting any traction. I hope you read this and maybe we can help this from happening to someone else. A lot of really really good people were affected by these horrible people and I feel obligated to represent them as well. Don't hesitate to ask questions. There is so much more but I thought this was already pretty long.

Respectfully, JD Richey EQ&P, LLC


  • Jan 11, 2020, 10:18 PM  Reply

    that’s like one of oldest scams in the book how u fall for that

  • Jan 12, 2020, 06:08 AM  Reply

    You shouldn't have got greedy. You only saw dollar signs and let your emotions get involved in your decision making. You got into this to make money and you didn't know what you were doing. Should have stayed in the Navy. I hope you don't get a dollar back

  • Jan 12, 2020, 11:58 AM  Reply

    Fukyou! Dumbfck

  • Jan 15, 2020, 11:17 AM  Reply

    Hey I empathize with you. That's alot to lose just trying to make a buck. So much corruption today. You're probably hooped because this could be seen as a civil matter. I feel for you man.

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