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Accidental weed delivery to older couple

Anonymous | August 23, 2019 | 1 0
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So I'm talking to my dad on the phone around lunch time last week. We're BSing about politics, sports....whatever. As we're kind of wrapping up, he says "Oh, had something interesting happen earlier today. We get a knock on the door and it's the FedEx guy dropping off a package. We weren't expecting a package.


Before I realized the name above our address wasn't anyone who lived here, he was already back in his truck and driving off. The name wasn't even the former owner's name. I decided I wanted to see what it was, so I opened it. Guess what was inside?" "Um.....dunno dad, what was it? "A whole bunch of pot!" They pulled out six 1 pound bags of what was later described as very high grade marijuana. My sister stopped by and sent me the photo below. They though it was kind of funny, called the cops and reported it. Cops came and absconded with the loot. They said this happens somewhat regularly.


Heres the question. From what I understand high grade pot can sell for between $300-on up per ounce. On the low end, that would be just shy of $29K in pot someone ain't gettin'. Is this just a write off? Seems like a pretty haphazard way to move pot to me. Pic of vacuum sealed pot bags below. Local LE is now in possession.


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    Sep 10, 2019, 01:28 AM  Reply

    I’ve never seen an ounce go for anything above 230 on the black market, you must be looking at dispensary prices

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