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Industrial Hemp Farms is a Shady Company

Anonymous | January 06, 2020 | 1 5

So I own a hemp farm and used to sell biomass and flower to Industrial Hemp Farms, and joe_industrial_hemp_farms , based out of Colorado Springs. Business started off good -- but when I went to their facility and saw their whole operation I realized how shady this company is.

The whole set-up of their facility was all sketchy man, the owners are young boys, around 24, and I do not know the other owners age, but they’re both entitled pricks. They’re making millions by low balling a bunch of farmers of their flower, buying their biomass, picking out all the nugs and packaging them. They advertise the product as indoor when it’s actually all outdoor flower that was grown very well by good farmers.

Their website is done VERY well and they do NOT allow any bad reviews below 5 stars but if you go to their Instagram account, you’ll see a ton of bad comments and reviews stating that their comment wasn’t submitted or even posted on their website. The main owner's name is Gus, the guy is super shady. He made his millions selling Kratom when he was 20 and got busted by the FBI for selling dirty kratom that nearly killed a few people. After that he was forced to sign a contract that made him promise NEVER to sell anything Kratom related for no jail time. All they’re COA’s are lies and made up.

Industrial Hemp Farms has it all worked out with the labs to make shit up -- I know this is because I became really close with them until I saw their true colors, and I just don’t fuck with bums like that. They lie about everything and take advantage of farmers, and being a farmer, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Industrial Hemp Farms sells bullshit flower they buy for $50 to $150 a pound and sell it on there website for $500 to $1,200 a lb claiming it’s indoor or light dep. Worst part is they rename the strains after real cannabis strains which is corny as fuck if you ask me.

But yeah man I’m just trying to spread truth about these shady fucks cause I’m tired of them taking advantage of us farmers and lying to consumers. The comments on there page speak for them self’s I hope you spread the word.


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