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Major Cannabis Wellness Brand Lacks Diversity

Anonymous | January 07, 2020 | 0 17
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A successful body care brand Papa and Barkley is guilty of hiring and firing discriminatorily. In the last three years they have scaled over 200% but I’ve hired zero people of color. The company is mostly Asian and white with three people out of almost 200 that are of darker complexion. They recently have done some layoffs so that number for their diversity has diminished even more so.

Papa and Barkley has systematically removed themselves from any responsibility of being an equal opportunity employer. Sadly, they do not see issue with their colorist restructuring. Maybe they are unaware that everybody has the same shade at the office. However, even in their advertising they have not been featuring people with darker complexions since Kim Dillion's departure.


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    Jan 09, 2020, 04:17 AM  Reply

    If there were only three, how did the layoffs further produce the problem when it was a prob at 3... I call BS... You want to open a company and hire people based on their skin color, go do it. Stop mandating others to choose by color. It’s all about showing your worth in my opinion.

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    Jan 10, 2020, 05:50 PM  Reply

    Honestly P&B had a better interview and hiring process than most mmj companies, seeking qualifications over appearance. My only criticism was bringing in your 'hiring consultant' with his 'gotcha' style interview method, which was somewhat unprofessional. This article is misleading because wern't layoffs triggered by the PG&E power shutdowns in Humboldt. Also P&B hires local, have you seen the demographics of Humboldt?

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    Jan 28, 2020, 12:36 PM  Reply

    I am a co founder of Papa and a Barkley. I started this company with my partner Adam. I also happen to be a person of color. These claims are clearly from a disgruntled employee and are 200% untrue. Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you all have any other questions. Thanks

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    Feb 01, 2020, 04:00 PM  Reply

    I support P&B and these statements are untrue as there are many people of diversity within the workforce of this wonderful brand. Their products are assisting many people to have better healthier lives, can you say this about yourself? Judge not unless you be judged yourself.

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    Feb 07, 2020, 10:39 PM  Reply

    Having worked with P&B an audited their brand for going on 4 years here is what I know -- Adam, Boris and several others have good hearts. Like really. They are not from the dark side. They work with the best small craft farmers and respect them. They honor the network of community and their THC 1:3 and Balm work. I trust them on a family member who has cancer because I know Adams story is real and his devotion to his dad and ability to extend life... that is why the plant is here and they honor it. I can go into any dispensary across Cali and P&Bs presence is consistent and dispensary owners and bus tenders adore them because they are good people, the plant knows it and the buyers know it. They invested in their own sales force. They in created something new with their Living Concentrates by working with a few very special farms. They are 1% For The Planet which is Patagoinias environmental non profit... most cannabis companies are stingy and would never openly declare 1% of profits going back to the earth. That's what I like about them having worked with them on projects. Now, here's the other side -- they need to up-level their talent like head of HR, they had some bad hires, people that ripped them off and they never sued them or filed charges because that's not their style. Karma will handle it. They didn't lose their values because someone else didn't have any. The entire industry needs more diversity - all races, females, religions etc. There are many brands with zero women in exec positions, there are many companies with not enough native Americans who grew this plant for ages...back to P&B they need more strategy and more managent coaching on best practices. Full disclosure - I am not an employ, I am. It an investor... I'm someone who is using their oil for advanced cancer and who has consulted with them... we need people like them and the folks st cream of the crop and Mary's -- people who love our humanity, who love this plant -- they are not the bad guys and one of the few who want people well. Let's hold hands and make the good companies strong. Let's celebrate and expose the magnificence and gems this industry holds because we need this community right so we can end big pharma killing of people with cancer using chemo where they give doctors 10-20k in kickbacks -- most people don't die of cancer they die of chemo side effects --- we need this ancient medicine the planet and humanity is counting on us here in California. We are admired in how advanced we are. We as a community have Steve DeAngelo, we have brands like Brother Davids... the nation and world needs us. Stepping off the soapbox. Thanks and love to all the trouble makers, the questioners, the people that went to jail, the dads who sought cures for their autistic kids and made formulas from love... the moms who gave their mothers THC so they wouldn't be in pain. I'm glad we are exposing the thiefs and scammers...we need it to help us thrive... spread the goodness, protect each other and the plant.

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