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Jonathon Dillon

Anonymous | August 24, 2019 | 0 0
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This tweaker is going around Nevada county saying he can move packs and gets sample pounds and runs off with them saying the sheriffs pulled him over and took it. He’s on felony probation or he would be in jail.

This snake took units of my buddy’s and ran off to his boy out of state trying to get them off and he calls saying he dropped them off. They were skywalkers and he switched it up calling them blackwater og. He claims the sheriffs pulled him over and he wants another chance.

He owns a automotive shop out of a garage and will fuck your car up or try to sell you a piece of shit Beamer of Benz or trade it for lbs. He just got new tattoos and a truck. He goes by the name JD or Jonathon Dillon and is up to no good.

If you see him, his jaws missing. He leaves it all over the place. And he’s a cop caller along with his crazy ass girlfriend in the picture he said he got pulled over more than 30 times from her calling.


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