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CHECK YOUR POT: Some products failed secondary total yeast, mold testing, Nevada Dept. of Taxation says

Anonymous | August 23, 2019 | 0 0
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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Marijuana consumers, you’re going to want to check your pot products. According to the Nevada Department of Taxation, some marijuana failed yeast and mold tests. The Department of Taxation posted the following notice on its website: “The Nevada Department of Taxation is hereby issuing a health and safety notice advising consumers and patients to avoid consuming marijuana, which is the subject of this notice.

The affected marijuana, listed below, failed secondary total yeast and mold testing conducted by an independent testing laboratory. The results indicated total yeast and mold on the affected marijuana existed at levels of 11,193; 41,661; 36,082; and 39,971 CFU/g. The amount permitted under NAC 453D.780 is

It is believed the affected marijuana was sold in the form of flower and pre-rolls between 7/11/19 and 8/19/19 by the following Retail Stores/Medical Dispensaries:

-Acres Medical, LLC (license # 11058209030610809158)

-The Apothecary Shoppe – D. H. Flamingo, Inc (license # 01359449685112111637)

- Blackjack Collective – Naturex II, LLC (license # 50748233769645953480)

The affected marijuana was cultivated and harvested between 5/28/19 and 7/10/19 by:

- D. H. Aldebaran Inc. (license # 04584977759671021505) Las Vegas Natural Caregivers, LLC (license # 82798431024231095044)

The Department of Taxation says consumption of the affected marijuana should particularly be avoided by individuals with suppressed immune systems or who are susceptible to the presence of yeast or mold.


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