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ElyonCannabis is Not a Reliable Company

Anonymous | September 04, 2019 | 0 2

I've worked as a consultant for them -- not only do they have terrible mite problems, but their lack of cultivation experience shows.

First, they're a group of "friends", who moved from NY, to capitalize on the industry. They lack knowledge of strians, and they are running their facility themselves. They use Mexican immigrants for labor. The property they're on is also a vineyard, so they use cheap labor.

Elyon's "greenhouse" are unpermitted; the property itself is regulated for "outdoor cultivation". There's a loophole -- just throw up hoop houses, a little pvc pipe and 6 mil plastic, and bamboom you have "Elyon."

They retail their 1/8ths as if they're legit greenhouses with automated lights. It's just glorified outdoor that is way over priced.


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