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Robbed by A Long-Time Friend

Anonymous | February 06, 2019 | 0 0
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PSA: A little over a month ago (end of August), I walked onto my farm to find a total of 144 plants cut from the stalk and gone entirely; along with quite a bit of processing equipment for extractions. I had them split up between an indoor canopy and one of our outdoor greenhouses. No signs of forced entry and they even went as far as rigging up a plastic door on the indoor room that I wasn't able to get into without ripping down.

All of this was done while the plants were still 3 weeks premature. The first thing I did upon discovering this was call my business partner, Jesse D Mann. When I made the call to Jesse, he had a tone of voice like he was almost laughing at me through the phone.

I began shaking and told him I'd just call the cops and let them take care of it. Cherokee County came out and took a police report but told me it could be up to a week before a detective contacted me. The incident has been reported across the board; however, STILL TO THIS DAY, no contact from Jesse, anybody within Cherokee County, or OMMA.

The company attorney made a call to Jesse to try and figure things out and he pretty much told the lawyer he had no proof of anything and tried saying that I did it to myself. I don't know who in their right mind would put themselves over 100k in debt and risk their entire livelihood. I know with 100?rtainty that it was Jesse Mann. Jesse is notorious for ripping people off, and has "friends" snitching him out every day.

I've spoken with his previous employers in Oregon, and they told me he threatened their company and employees. He is allegedly on some blacklist in the industry out there. I've known Jesse for a little over 10 years, and only after going into business with him has he shown me his true colors - mental disabilities. He had plenty of motive, as he was on the verge of being fired from the company, due to his illegitimacy of being able to run a company properly and embezzling most of the capital for personal gain.

I’ve also heard he is pushing my premature plants on the black market, while still taking consultation jobs in the Tahlequah area. He may even try to do this under my licensing: GAAA-EK2W-WV3S and PAAA-4JCI-AO9A. These are currently not operational and by no means should you buy anything from these licenses.

My goal in this message is not to find Jesse Mann, but to warn the industry. His mother was an English teacher and has taught the kid well. He is a master manipulator and a complete psychopath. To anybody that comes across this character, PLEASE BE WARNED.


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