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Chapter 1: Moving from the Black Market to Prop 215

Moving from the traditional to legal market in California is fraught with obstacles that many traditional growers and distributors found to be insurmountable. 

Prop 215 was seen as a boom to the industry. It was relatively easy for growers to form cooperatives and collective organizations that complied with state law, resulting in an explosion of grows and dispensaries throughout the state. 

The vagueness of the law made it easy for people (and patients) to acquire medical cards and dispensaries to provide product. Moving into the growers supplying products to dispensaries and patients respectively. 

That same vagueness made it very difficult for law enforcement to stop it, prosecute or slow the growth of the industry. 

“The toothpaste was out of the tube and it was impossible to put it back in.” 

Although, big government democrats in California got busy trying to do just that...driven by their big business donors and friends, they got to work trying to figure out how to wrest control of the industry from the hard working entrepreneurs (aka cannapreneurs) and people who had spent a lifetime trying to change the stigma of the industry and create a viable system in which to operate. 

Despite the benefits of Prop 215, there were some consequences on the industry that had a huge negative effect on the “old school” traditional players in the industry. The first of these effects were seen in the plummeting of the unit price to the grower as large grows and investors money entered the space these operations were able to crank out; literally tons of low quality product that caused the price to drop by 75% and more in some cases. This drop in the commodity price of cannabis had a huge effect on the traditional grower who typically grew small plots of high quality product, which was grown with love, attention, and clean pesticide free soil to produce clean medicine. This is what ultimately the attention to detail that put California Cannabis on the map, famously!

Many talented growers were driven out of the industry with the low priced-low quality products which flooded, and still does, in the market. As traditional growers continued to struggle through these changes many of them rightfully became fearful of the big business, big government democrats that coveted the market that had been developed in the decades of “just say no” camp raids and hostile law enforcement. But many were finding success in the system that Prop 215 created. AS a result, big government dems, big businesses, big donors/investors and hostile law enforcement and local governing bodies searched for a solution to gain greater control and market share of the industry. 

Their ultimate trojan horse was born in Prop 64, which was touted as legalization and recreational cannabis was formed…

To be continued...



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