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Federal informant

Anonymous | April 28, 2022 | 0 1
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Kamil aka Mike was raided in Roseville California couple weeks back by FBI & DEA. It was confirmed by a couple brokers he worked with that drove by & saw the whole street closed down in a gated community w/ DEA, ATF, and FBI. He tried to contact other brokers to show up with a shit load of product to potentially everyone he contacted set up with the feds. Now where it gets interesting is he didn’t get booked or do a day in custody at all while having 150 packs 28k cash & guns on the property where he was raided. He also did not want anyone back home to find out he had gotten raided so it’s obvious he’s working with the feds & attempting to set people up. We have a screenshot of the seizure they posted online but I had a few guys tell me they can’t find it so he probably had the feds take it down lol.He also got a couple Guys from Modesto jammed up by trading them vin swapped or stolen cars for packs. Lately he’s had issues with his drivers over a debt or something but he’s been posting their business publicly & being snitch bro since he wants the world to knows he’s a rat might aswell let’s the cannabis community know & expose this rat motherfucker & not him drag anyone down with his bullshit rat activities!


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