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Sammie "Supreme Lifestyle" Scammer

Anonymous | April 17, 2022 | 0 0
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Sammie aka “supreme lifestyle” is going around scamming people on packs, not paying tabs, coming up with sob stories about legal and family problems. He comes up with stories that the money was taken by tsa, he skipped out on several grand worth in packs. He’ll pay in the beginning for a couple and so on, after several transactions he’ll get some fronted and come back short on the tab, until he finally doesn’t show up at all or makes up one of his many stories. Meanwhile he’s out spending the plugs money with his fake rapper persona or you can find him dancing on TikTok.


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    May 01, 2022, 04:35 PM  Reply

    Bro this guy got caught sucking some old rich dudes ccck at formosa Hollywood. Bartender called the cops. Was gettin paid forsure. Other customer heard the transaction and complained

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