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Anonymous | January 03, 2022 | 0 0
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This is a company that seems great a first glance. I have ordered wholesale from them in the past a couple times doing business directly from the owner Will Watson, and everything appeared to be okay. I came to the realization that this was a "get rich quick" company. I read the ingredients to find out all of their tinctures are not custom or scientifically formulated but the recipe was taken from Apex Flavors Inc. (silver cloud). The website that is hastily throw together has a ton of claims that are untrue followed by a mile long page of terms and conditions (fine print). This goes for all their products. I'm not actually sure what they make and what they don't. The tinctures are high Mg for cheap, but the bottle is double the size! If you buy a 500mg, your actually just getting 2 250mg bottles in one for a high cost. Talking more with the owner personally it became more apparent that he is new to this industry and knows very little about it. He formed HempISO LLC to get rich quick by making claims about his products and company that are just not true just to get business and money for his other ventures. As of the last couple orders, the products are visually worse. Cloudy, different consistencies, flavor and scent is off. Vape pens have a rancid taste and break constantly. I am not longer buying from HempISO LLC and recommend other don't as well if you want to avoid another cheap company whose only in it to make a quick buck off people. I'm disappointed in myself for not looking into this company more before doing business with them.


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