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Class Action Lawsuit Against PUFFCO

KandyPens | November 29, 2021 | 1 0
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On March 29, 2019, Jacob Anderson filed a class action lawsuit against Puffco in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona. In his lawsuit, Mr. Anderson claimed that Puffco did not honor its warranty for PEAK® vaporizers unless the customer has paid the full retail price of the product, and that Puffco did not include any warranty for the PEAK® atomizer. Around the same time, an Instagram profile (@puffcolawsuit) was created to distribute information to consumers about Puffco and the lawsuit. Mr. Anderson voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit on August 6, 2019.

KandyPens now confirms that Mr. Anderson was affiliated with KandyPens and that it was KandyPens who organized and funded the filing of this class action lawsuit against Puffco. KandyPens now acknowledges that the allegations made in the lawsuit regarding Puffco’s warranty were never true, that Puffco honored its warranty for PEAK® vaporizers regardless of whether the customer paid the full retail price of the product, and that Puffco did include a thirty- day warranty for the PEAK® atomizer.

KandyPens also confirms that it created the Instagram profile (@puffcolawsuit) and continued to operate it even after the lawsuit was dismissed. KandyPens now retracts the statements made on the Instagram profile and has since permanently deleted the profile and all related content.


This article was originally published on kandypens.com


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