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Top Tree Continues To Damage The Cannabis Industry From The Inside And Out

Anonymous | October 31, 2021 | 12 3
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Our company first became aware of Top Tree in Seattle where they had burnt several bridges after laying off an entire team following the failed launch of their cannabis brand. They then moved to LA and Texas and pivoted to become a media agency. Notably, Seattle hip-hop artist Gifted Gab poured urine on the desk of Top Tree co-owner Layne Schmerin from the bad business between them and subsequent layoff during this venture. A few years later, one of our newer team members came in contact with their @toptree Instagram page after unknowingly reposting one of their memes. Drawn in by the vanity numbers of the page, our team member engaged in a conversation with Layne via @toptree's DMs that would set us on a course to being royally used, abused, and fucked by this company. Conversations were had that amounted to the promotion of our company's campaigns and content through their sizable social media accounts, as well as follower growth for our page, in exchange for building their website at cost. They never signed a contract and all of this work was carried out in good faith of joining forces and helping each other succeed. Collecting the nominal payments to complete building their website (at cost) became a complete hassle.

After repeated conversations with their entire team, little-to-no promotion of our campaign or content happened. Not until twisting their arms and being belittled by Layne did one small promo campaign get carried out and some page growth. They were also continuously late on providing feedback for the website that was being built. During the amount of time that it took to go through this fiasco, the cost of hosting their incomplete website over several months racked up $5k in hosting fees. This was never paid to us or acknowledged by them as an issue they were considering. When confronting them about the lack of support, late payments, and unfulfilled promises, Top Tree co-founder Jonathan Lepow sent 100+ text messages that could be equated to a child's temper tantrum. Layne then called one of our team members to personally insult every aspect of our company and its leaders. It was at this point that we halted all work and swiftly ended the relationship. After we stepped away from working with Top Tree in any capacity, fellow peers began approaching us with similar stories of big promises with little-to-no delivery.

Smaller cannabis brands have expressed that they invested what little money they had into events thrown by Top Tree only to be tremendously let down. This company continues to use vanity numbers on social media to trick unsuspecting companies into partnering with them and investing in deliverables and ROI that don't exist. We have received multiple threats from Jonathan Lepow stating that "we don’t know who we’re messing with.” It all begs the question of whether or not Top Tree is really a "million-dollar brand" or if they're a cancerous bulge on the already weakened frame of cannabis media and marketing.

Attached is the handshake agreement that was put into a contract that was never signed.


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