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NY Takes First Step to Implement Legal Cannabis

Tom Angell | October 07, 2021 | 0 0
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New York’s Cannabis Control Board held its first meeting, an initial step toward launching the legal recreational marijuana market. It also expanded the medical cannabis program by letting dispensaries sell flower immediately, but gave no specifics on when patients can grow their own even though officials have already missed the deadline in the law to issue regulations allowing it.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania voters will decide on a marijuana ballot referendum next month that calls on state lawmakers to “pass legislation that would decriminalize, regulate and tax the use and sale” of cannabis.

A top Department of Veterans Affairs official focused on suicide prevention told lawmakers at a House hearing that she is “very closely” following “well-designed” research into the potential therapeutic benefits of MDMA.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reported that retailers have sold just under $1 billion worth of legal recreational marijuana products so far this year after new September data shows the seventh month in a row with cannabis sales surpassing $100 million.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau included an example of a bank denying a loan to a cannabis dispensary as “high risk” in a Federal Register filing about a proposed rule implementing changes to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

The House Judiciary Committee tweeted, “It is time for Congress to pass the #MOREAct, which will: Decriminalize marijuana at the federal level  Reassess marijuana convictions Invest in local communities”

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) spoke about his support for federal marijuana legalization and cannabis banking access.

Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) spoke about visiting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at a marijuana dispensary.

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) tweeted, “Excited to see the USDA launching it’s inaugural hemp acreage and production survey. This will help bring hemp and marijuana production into the mainstream!”


Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) said medical cannabis should not be legalized unless approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

South Carolina’s attorney general issued an opinion finding that the state’s hemp law does not legalize delta-8 THC or other THC isomers outside of trace amounts.

Pennsylvania’s attorney general tweeted, “It’s time for Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana — and expunge the records of those serving time for non-violent marijuana convictions.”

The Arkansas House Judiciary Committee approved an interim study of whether people on probation can use medical cannabis.

The Alabama senator who sponsored a recently enacted medical cannabis bill said he will file legislation to make changes to the law, potentially as soon as during a special session in the coming weeks.

The California senator who is sponsoring a bill to legalize possession of psychedelics spoke about its prospects.

A North Carolina appeals court gave a partial victory to a police officer who was fired for letting an armed suspect smoke marijuana if he agreed to surrender peacefully.

Colorado regulators filed a temporary emergency rule on hemp sampling.

Massachusetts regulators issued guidance about the sale of hemp products to marijuana businesses.

Illinois regulators published an annual report about the medical cannabis program.

Missouri regulators approved the state’s 150th medical cannabis dispensary to operate.

Michigan’s Department of State tweeted, “Marijuana impairs coordination, slows reaction time, distorts perception and makes it more difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane, increasing the risk of a crash. If you feel different, you drive different. Don’t drive high. It’s the law.”

Washington State regulators issued a policy statement about false or misleading statements for cannabis-infused products.

Oregon regulators sent a compliance bulletin about recording average marijuana harvest weights and virtual transfers.

Connecticut’s Psilocybin Study Workgroup will meet on Wednesday.


Gwinnett County, Georgia commissioners delayed a decision on a marijuana decriminalization proposal.

Here’s a look at how Connecticut municipalities are taking differing approaches to allowing marijuana businesses.


Malta’s government filed a marijuana decriminalization bill.

The UK’s home secretary said the government is instituting a program of drug testing people who have been arrested.

Malaysia’s home minister said the government is studying the issue of legalizing medical cannabis.


A review concluded that “clinical studies published so far indicate that the use of CBD in dogs can be safe at given doses and can contribute to osteoarthritis and idiopathic epilepsy treatments.”

A study found that “most respondents reported greater efficacy of CBG-predominant cannabis over conventional pharmacotherapy, with a benign adverse event profile and negligible withdrawal symptoms.”


The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce sent a letter to Michigan lawmakers opposing legislation that would place restrictions on medical cannabis cultivation by caregivers.

The Cannabis Freedom Alliance brought on new member organizations and created several working groups.


Akerna Corp. entered into a securities purchase agreement for $20 million in convertible debt financing.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged CanaFarma and its founders  with allegedly defrauding investors.


This article was originally published at marijuanamoment.net

Angell, Tom. “NY Takes First Step to Implement Legal Cannabis (Newsletter: October 6, 2021).” Marijuana Moment, 6 Oct. 2021, www.marijuanamoment.net/ny-takes-first-step-to-implement-legal-cannabis-newsletter-october-6-2021/.


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