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Dozens of Marijuana Farm Raids in San Bernardino County See 31 Arrested, Detained

Josh Cain | September 30, 2021 | 1 0
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Sheriff’s deputies raided dozens of suspected illegal marijuana farms over five days across San Bernardino County, arresting or detaining 31 people and destroying hundreds of greenhouses, officials said.

The raids took place across hundreds of miles, with investigators following complaints of pot plants being grown out in the open, everywhere from dense urban areas to the middle of the Mojave Desert.

All told, the Sheriff’s Department served 31 search warrants in Chino Hills, Fontana and Bloomington in the Pomona and San Bernardino valley areas; Pinon Hills and Hesperia in the Victor Valley, and nearby Lucerne Valley, north of the Cajon Pass; in Newberry Springs near Barstow; and in Twentynine Palms and nearby Wonder Valley.

Officials said they seized nearly 30,000 marijuana plants and about 5,800 pounds of processed marijuana during the raids. They took about $19,000 in cash, and burned 138 greenhouses. They also found four guns.

The raids started on Sept. 13 and lasted through Sept. 17. Among those arrested or detained, the oldest was 68 years old, the youngest was 19.

Some of those were just cited, while others were booked in jail and could be charged.

The District Attorney’s office did not return a request for comment about the arrests Sunday. And it wasn’t clear whether any of the arrested suspects had attorneys.

Law enforcement across California are still responding to reports of illegal marijuana farms, despite the state legalizing the recreational use and cultivation of the drug in 2016.

But local governments can also set their own rules: San Bernardino County outlawed marijuana grows in unincorporated areas, with county supervisors voting in August to increase the fines for those caught with illegal farms

Residents in rural areas of San Bernardino County and in the Antelope Valley have complained of water theft for years that officials have blamed on illegal pot farms. In July, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department raided hundreds of farms, arresting 131 people.



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