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Paul Lawrence Valdez, ABQ NM is Vile.

Anonymous | September 10, 2021 | 4 2
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There is a man in Albuquerque New Mexico by the name of Paul Lawrence Valdez. He is a cruel and irresponsible tyrant. He touts to be a reputable and respectable dog Breeder, but has far proven this false. He beats his 11 month old pit bull puppy because she has accidents, or gets into things, he also keeps her locked in this dirty kennel that he never washes the urine and feces off of. He gets his son once a week for 48hrs and treats him like a burden and a nuisance, even screaming at him to "SHUT THE FUCK UP, CANT YOU JUST BE QUIET!?!", is constantly watching violent and perverted shows in front of him despite his young age and it being far inappropriate for the 16 month old child.

He has been having a raging custody battle with his sons mother for months and hasn't done anything that he has been court ordered to do, including pay his child support, go to anger management, and return the vehicle that he has recently been arrested in possession of, and it being given back to the mother of his son who's name is on the title. He then proceeded to go on a manic rant about how he feels like he should go to his sons mother's parents' house and shoot her father and mother.

He makes toxic edibles and happily pushes them at high dollar to people who he has manipulated into thinking he knows what he is talking about despite having just soaked jars of CRC remnants in everclear and evaporating to mix with oil and coat various edibles with. He is 11k in debt locally with 2 of his associates. One of the most 2 faced snakelike people you could ever know. Will smile in your face and immediately turn and start slandering you once you leave. There are a lot of us here in this city who he has shown his true colors to and I'm hoping that this helps get him blacklisted all around.


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