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Sonoma Pacific Finally Shuts Their Doors

Anonymous | July 30, 2021 | 1 1
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Sonoma Pacific Distribution has finally shut its doors and stopped supplying the industry with last year's outdoor...They got bought out by Gaby Inc recently and the quality of the company has gone down, its truly sad what happens once you become corporate... Deep End Farms, distro'd by Sonoma Pac, has mites and bugs in the flower. There would be times where I'd have customers come back with caterpillars, wings from flys, and other bugs infesting the flower. I continued to support the distro, even though we would continuosly have problems of our flower having some sort of insect in them. They have never done anything to accomidate the fact that they always had bugs or other issues with the flower, if it wasnt for my rep being so cool I wouldn't have ordered from him again. BEWARE of doing business with Sonoma Pacific and their other companies; Gaby Inc, Wild West Industries, and Mankind Dispensary.... If you shop at Mankind, and buy the Kind Republic, youre getting ripped off anyways, the wholesale pricing for the eighth is $6 and they sell it for about $35, keep in mind its LAST YEARS CROP. Good luck though.


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