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Racist Sexually Harassing White Labeling Oklahoma Cannabis Brand

Anonymous | July 24, 2021 | 3 3
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The owner of Homegrown Cannabis here in the OKC area is a brand ran by a man named Tim. His brand Homegrown Cannabis claims “from seed to sale” as if he grows it himself but in fact he simply buys other growers product because he is too lazy to grow himself and will white label (say one strain) into 5 different packages and call it a day.

On top of that, he owns all the Doobies Dispensary’s where he sells his white label product unless he scams another dispensary into buying his product. He’s keen on hiring females because he can manipulate and control them much easier than a male by simply rage yelling in females faces to the point where he scares them to work. He loves to degrade and talk trash right to a females face to the point he has made women cry and then will come back and try to apologize only to continue acting this way over and over again as the days go on.

On top of that, he continuously sexually harasses his female employees (who aren’t his family) and thinks that’s ok. He also thinks it’s ok to call his female employees at any hour of the night to “talk about important business” when in all seriousness he is simply trying to setup a good time for himself, and let’s say you dont answer but you do show up to work the next day...oh man you’ll hear a mouthful on why “if I call you , no matter what time , you better answer the phone!” “This is my world” “ this isn’t just a job , this is a lifestyle”. All straight from the mans mouth.

He will also insinuate that if he doesn’t feel the need to PAY you, he will not!! Like what?! This man needs to kick rocks. Overall the man is a horrible human. So much so that he is blatantly racist on a daily basis. If you’re not white you don’t belong in this country according to him. His morals, his power and his brand are so corrupt it’s disgusting and if I can save someone from wasting their time then I’ll be happy I shared this story.

I think his worthless racist corrupt brand deserves no spot in the legal cannabis industry. Everything I stated is facts and I know this because I have heard straight from the sources everything he does. It’s disgusting.


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    Jul 31, 2021, 07:52 PM  Reply

    Need to talk more about this and expose these creep racists.

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    Aug 01, 2021, 11:28 AM  Reply

    I can confirm that this article is true as a female I have been a victim of Tim’s yelling and degrading.

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