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Bryan Henson and Justin Tatum of Sparta Missouri

Anonymous | July 23, 2021 | 2 0
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Bryan Henson staying with his parents in Sparta Missouri, also goes by Bryan Russel on social media. He works with Justin Tatum to make a living gaining peoples trust only to later rob them for everything. The way he operates is he will have someone mail him stuff from Washington or LA to his parents house, build trust, ramp things up, then make up a story that the police took their stuff. He did it to me, and I know of 3 other people he's done it to. His parents receive all the packages and get paid for it and hide stuff out in their backyard in buried tubes. More recently he broke into my friends home where he was growing, even calling him on the phone while he was doing it to make sure he didn't get caught. He stole all the tops off the plants, and was later caught up trying to move them. He's also known to be abusive to his girlfriend and child, and he is known to have a closet heroin and opiate addiction. This is the kind of guy that ruins it for everyone else, and if anyone needs to be blacklisted it's this guy.


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    Aug 04, 2021, 01:20 PM  Reply

    He broke into your boys grow in Missouri?! looks like I’m late to the party where is the chill spots to grow in MO??

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