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Caliplug Scams

Anonymous | July 23, 2021 | 6 0
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CaliPlug is straight up the biggest POS and the worst kind of human for the cannabis industry. He first took my money for a snap chat promo; then I heard him and his friend laughing about how they focus on getting people deleted so they come back and buy promo again and how he doesn’t care if someone gets scammed it’s none of his business. Hearing that really made me think twice about being around him and couldn’t believe how fake he is in real life compared to the persona he portrays on the internet. Around 2 months later I get deleted. When I hit him up for promo he said it’s gonna cost me more. Cost me more?!!! Are you kidding me! This guy is a disgrace. No wonder why all his friends stopped talking to him. All he does is lie to people on the internet. Fake flexes and burns the game. I also found this about him. He has been a scammer his whole life. It’s time for the industry to expose this asshole for his true colors.


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